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‘Our joint account is thousands of euros in red’

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For wise financial lessons, Lydia prefers to refer her children to her mother. Lydia is not the best when it comes to financial administration.

“We have a joint account for the mortgage and child benefit. But since I suddenly had to pay a lot of tax as a self-employed person, we are thousands of euros on the red.

Income tax

I spend all my earnings from my business account, which puts me in trouble every quarter because I can’t pay the VAT. And every year because I can’t pay the income tax. My husband is also not very strong in the financial and administrative area, but a little better than I am.

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Financial administration

I’ve been telling my kids since they were five that I can’t and won’t teach them anything about money except that it has to be spent. For wise financial lessons I refer them to my mother, who always keeps her administration in order. I want an administrative housekeeper who takes care of everything for me financially and also keeps my house clean. Does such a person exist?”

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