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Our favorite applications of 2020: What do we use in the newsroom?

One year is a relatively long period in the world of technology. The manufacturers used this time to produce other, interesting pieces, which we are always excited about. The application developers and also we are given space to reconsider what we really want to have installed on the smartphone. These are our favorite 2020 applications.

Our favorite applications of 2020:

Miroslav Schwamberg (Deputy Editor-in-Chief):

As usual every year, I usually change applications on my phone. However, the best ones will remain installed almost always. Because of my work, I very often use the Slack application, with which I communicate with colleagues. For me, FlashScore, IDS BK, CP, SHMUapp or WeatherPro apps are fixed. This year I am adding BiathlonLive and Ventusky to the list, for example.


Tomáš Kanálik (editor):

Quite often I buy from Chinese e-shops, so my phone must not lack the applications of the most famous sellers, such as Aliexpress, Banggood, Geekbuying, Gearbest, or even, together with the Bazoš app.

I use Facebook Messenger and Instagram to communicate like everyone else, but I also add Slack and Discord, along with the Snapchat application. I use Google Photos, MEGA cloud storage and also a VLC player to store and display media.

I’m streaming music from the promising YouTube Music service. The, PeekLens and Zepp apps will be used for outdoor activities. Being a fan of star and night sky photography in general, I commend Light Pollution Map, My Moon Phase and Star Tracker.

Our favorite applications of 2020

I edit the created photos via Adobe Lightroom. I use Xiaomi Home to control the robotic vacuum cleaner. I don’t play much games on my smartphone, but I have titles installed like Shadow Fight 3, Ninja Arashi, League of Legends: Wild Rift or Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game. Finally, I will mention, for example, EduPage, Oxygen Updater, Shazam, Pixel Battery Saver, CamScanner, Google Pay, Tatra Banka or Moja 4ka.

Miroslav Mudron (editor):

I don’t use many applications. I limited it to the necessary foundation that makes my daily life easier. So these are quite boring things like ČSOB Smart Banking, ie the mobile application of my bank, or Moje O2, which in turn is the application of my operator.

In addition, one of the more used things for me is Sygic navigation, which I liked years ago because it worked well and also worked offline. I also use the Chrome web browser, then Spotify, Instagram, Messenger and more or less just work-oriented things like Todoist, Asana and Slack.

Our favorite applications of 2020

I recently started using the Stocard application. I no longer enjoyed wearing various loyalty cards, so I digitized it all. I said to myself that I still carry my smartphone with me, so why not use it. That would also be my boring tip for applying this year.

Milan Menšík (editor):

In addition to standard Samsung applications in Galaxy Note models (S Note, Samsung video editor), Google applications (Maps, Gmail) and Microsoft applications (Outlook, MS Office), these are communication and social applications (Viber, Instagram, Slack), Habit internet browser Browser, Deezer music service, Solid Explorer file manager, Ubian timetables, Minute by minute news, weather forecast (Meteoservis. Weather and Radar), VUB Banking banking application and editing tools (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Rush, AutoDesk Sketchbook).

Ubian traffic card in mobile caption

Denis Džula (editor):

I have installed Business Info, c: geo, ANTIK SmartWay, Finax, Freelo, Notify for Miband, Measurement from Google (AR application), My 4ka, Periodically, Morecast, Speedtest, Ubian, In Picture, VšZP, Walp and In addition, however, there must be other known applications that have already been mentioned by my colleagues.

365 banks caption

Zdenka Smalecová (editor):

I have a lot of applications installed, but I try to use my mobile as little as possible, so I use most of them only once in a while. The two most used applications for me are FB Messenger and Google Chrome, followed by Gmail and banking applications.

facebook caption

I use the others only occasionally – when I travel somewhere like Ubian and Google Maps, in my free time YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, Reader and Just Dance Now, to monitor the health and physical activity of Google Fit and Clue.

Jakub Marcin (editor):

In the first place among my most used applications is definitely Spotify, which I have been using for more than three years. Apart from classic applications such as Google Chrome, WhatsApp, Messenger, Office, Instagram and banking applications such as George and Google Pay, I use Waze navigation, the Hello Haylou application and once in a while I look at ads on AutoScout24 and Of course, I have YouTube to watch videos here, and I shouldn’t forget the app.


Michal (editor-in-chief)

My favorite applications have not changed much over the years, I regularly use my mobile phone to work and contact people. Work applications include Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Creator Studio, Business Suite, LinkedIn, Mailchimp and Asana. We also tried Workplace and Work Chat for a few months, but it didn’t work out in the end. Korona has brought a number of online conferences, so Zoom, Teams and Google Meet must not be missing among my applications. I will not omit Facebook and Instagram from social networks. I mostly use WhatsApp or Messenger for communication, this year I also activated my account via Signal.

I also like to discover new applications for smart home. This year, new smart devices such as the Smart Electric Toothbrush T500 or the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop from Xiaomi will be added again. I use Zeon Smart Home, Shelly and Philips Hue BT for smart sockets. The Christmas tree has smart lights, which I control via the Lights app, where I can change the light intensity, turn on the flashing mode or set when the tree automatically switches off at night and on again in the morning. New cameras from Reolink have been added to the house.

I use the ZSE Drive and Greenway applications to charge electric cars. This year I succumbed to a podcast via the Spotify app – my favorites include Good Morning, Podnicast, Click and Full Stream. My year in the Bible application shows just the statistics for 2020 for a total of 90 days, where I read 12 plans. I really liked the new Slovak application Readmio and I read fairy tales to children. To store all photos and videos, I use the Google Photos application, where I pay a professional account for a backup of the original multimedia quality. This year I started to discover new cycling routes in the Carpathians via the application.

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