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Other copies of Cyberpunk 2077 have been released to the public »Vortex

There are only days left until the release of Cyberpunk 2077 from Polish developers from the RED Project CD. There is no indication that the game should be postponed again, and even though the developers are joking a little about this, the game is finally heading to the shops less than eight years after its introduction. However, not all retailers were able to oversee the launch date – December 10 – and began shipping games to some customers earlier. It was true last week, and so is this – in most cases, it’s the Best Buy chain and the collector’s edition of the game, which also fell into the hands of a streamer nicknamed Cohh Carnage, who is watched by 1.3 million viewers on Twitch. However, the developers immediately responded through an official message on social networks, in which they warn anyone who would like to stream Cyberpunk 2077 prematurely – the embargo will not expire until next Wednesday, and only then can footage from the game go public.

The first cases where customers of the chain began to report that Cyberpunk 2077 had arrived earlier had started about ten to fifteen hours ago. They are well summarized, for example, on Twitter and it can be seen that the only link is the collector’s edition. Maybe out of fear of timely delivery or just out of ignorance or oversight, the shipment was probably already sent during yesterday, which, however, puts surprised owners in a very complicated situation. Many people decide whether they can start playing earlier, whether they are in danger of a subsequent ban for earning trophies or achievements prematurely, or whether they can brag about the boxes received with a whole host of collectibles. There is no clear answer, so the individual players approach the “problem” individually.

While Cohh Carnage is hesitant about what to do with the game and has only managed to take a picture with the still-packaged version for PS4, other players did not hesitate for a second and immediately started playing. Unfortunately, with that came one unnecessary confusion regarding the supposed day one patch with a staggering 56 GB. The original information came from a user of Reddit with the nickname delsp1001, who photographed not only the content of the collector’s edition, but also the running download mentioned patch on its console. Almost immediately, during the night, we started writing about patches and the reactions were not very positive, but in fact it was not about downloading, but copying data from the disc on PlayStation 5. This fact was also confirmed by German community manager of the CD RED FAbian Project Mario Döhla he said on Twitter that there is no day one patch yet, let alone that large. You can therefore stay calm if you grind your teeth to play as soon as possible and you do not have too fast internet.

However, it remains certain that no footage and streams from Cyberpunk 2077 should appear on the Internet until December 9. In a message to the excited players, the developers emphasize that the ban is valid until Wednesday, December 9, and if anyone violates it, they can expect a visit to the MAX-TAC team (Night City Special Police Unit, ed. Note). “But after that date, we’ll be happy if you start streaming, as if tomorrow isn’t coming. And it’s 2020, so – who knows – maybe none will come, “add the developers in a smiling spirit. The question, of course, remains how big a problem for them the premature distribution of the game is and whether there will really be any leakage or disclosure of story details. Therefore, be careful in the coming days and try to avoid the usual places where there is a risk of similar leaks, such as discussions on Reddit and social networks associated with the game and its community.

The latest news is the release of a new official video in which the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 demonstrate a photo mode. It will basically offer the only effective way to look at your character in detail and on that occasion also pose it in an explosive scene. As the mentioned video represents, there will be a lot of possibilities, from manipulating the camera, through adjusting the pose of your avatar, to various accessories and stickers for the final image. And it must be admitted that if you suffer from photo mode and art screenshots, the Cyberpunk 2077 looks really great in this regard as well.

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