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Original hobbies for kids who don’t like sports

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Where most children undoubtedly join a football team, volleyball club or tennis club, there are plenty of children who do not have to think about it. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun non-athletic alternatives for your child to try. We have listed the best options for you.

There are many more talents to discover than just athletic talent. One child is wildly creative while the other turns out to be a musical miracle. It is also nice for your child to try and discover different things. Bonus: they make lots of new friends too!

Draw or paint

This is for the real creatives: drawing lessons or a painting course. With paint, brushes and pencils, your child can let his or her creativity run wild. Does your child find it a bit exciting to go to a class alone? Then ask your friends if they like it too.


Real gamers can indulge themselves in coding lessons. And whatever future plans your child has, this knowledge can only come in handy. Children can go to coding lessons in more and more places. Fun, educational and super creative!

Creative writing

There are several institutions where children can be taught writing. They not only develop in the field of language, but also learn more about children’s literature. Characters in their heads come to life and you will be amazed how good writers those little ones can be!


Drowsy? Not really! Delicious with your hands in the clay, with the mind at zero. An extra nice thing about this hobby: they get to take their creations home with them. Can they immediately bake their set together? And… this hobby is also great fun for yourself!


Maybe your little one has a big knack for languages! Spanish, French or Chinese, language lessons for children are often fun, funny and of course educational. And super handy for the next holiday and later!


Is your child a real drama king or queen? Time for an acting lesson. Tip: also very nice for shy children. It is often they who can lose their egg in acting or drama lessons.

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