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Order sushi on a transparent OLED screen

A transparent OLED screen for ordering food. The technology of the future? LG thinks so.

Even if the corona virus is behind us in the period after 2021, hygiene will remain an important factor. In that regard, LG has paid attention and the Korean tech company is introducing a transparent OLED screen. Not for your living room, but for in public spaces such as a restaurant.

Transparent OLED screen from LG

The company takes a sushi bar as an example. You sit at the table and behind it the chef is busy putting all kinds of delicious dishes on a belt. The charm lies in the close contact between you and the kitchen. Not very covid-proof of course. LG has come up with something for this by placing this transparent OLED screen between you and the chef.

The screen is 55-inch in size and 40 percent transparent. The OLED technology makes this possible. In comparison, an LCD screen can only be 10 percent transparent. In the meantime you can consult all kinds of interesting information. For example, order new dishes directly via the screen or simply browse through the menu.

Another handy application is for the bedroom. Watch a movie from bed. And without having to look at a physical television. LG is taking demos to CES 2021 to show the idea to the world.

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