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VW has opened the configurator for the ID-4. This means that you can no longer only order the special 1st edition models. Instead, you can now put together your own configurations.

The world car ID-4, which was originally supposed to be delivered in the 1st edition at the turn of the year and is now only to reach retailers gradually in the first quarter of 2021.

Other engines and battery variants are not yet available

Deliveries of the first configured ID-4 are also expected to begin in the first quarter. A basic model with a 77 kilowatt hour battery and a rear engine with 150 kilowatts of power is available to potential buyers at gross list prices from 44,450 euros.

VW has announced further engines and battery options, but has not yet implemented them. There is also no schedule for this.

Almost finished!

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Despite the identical engine, the ranges differ, as WLTP takes into account differences in equipment when calculating. The less well-equipped basic models have a range of 522 kilometers, while the Max models only have a range of 502 kilometers despite a heat pump.

These are the equipment options

The ID-4 configurator. (Screenshot: t3n / VW)

As with the ID-3, you can in the configurator the equipment “Pro”, “Life”, “Business”, “Family”, “Tech” and “Max” can be selected. The Max equipment strikes with at least 58,820 euros.

The ID-4 is available in the color “moonstone gray” at no extra charge, optionally with a black painted roof. Each metallic paintwork costs an additional 610 euros. The ID-4 is equipped with 18-inch wheels on steel rims at no extra charge. Aluminum rims up to 21 inches are optionally available. For a trailer hitch, which is still a rarity in electric cars, you have to budget 880 euros.

Otherwise there are differences in equipment in the various models. The cheapest equipment despite being called “Pro” includes LED headlights, support from Apple Carplay and Android Auto as well as parking aids at the front and rear. In “Life”, the “Discover Pro” navigation system, heated front seats and a multifunction steering wheel are added. Those who value LED matrix headlights, a reversing camera and the keyless go system will choose the “Business” line.

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