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Oppo shows new double-folding smartphone with three hinges

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A foldable smartphone; years ago that was still a long way off. Since last year we have the real foldable smartphones and the technology in this is not standing still. Oppo now shows a special double-foldable smartphone with three hinges.


Special concept from Oppo

Recently Oppo presented a concept of the Oppo X 2021; a device with a retractable screen. Now the brand takes a different path and comes up with a new concept. We now see a new design with three hinges, which allows you to fold the phone into seven different sizes. This idea came about from the idea that people want to get more functionality out of their phone, Oppo and Japanese design studio Nendo know.

By offering flexibility, the shape of the phone can be
amazonadapted for every occasion. A special feature of the smartphone, which has not yet been given a name, is that there is also support for a stylus. This can be plugged into the phone itself.

Oppo foldable smartphone stylus

It remains to be seen whether the phone will indeed come onto the market. In any case, it shows that manufacturers are not sitting still with innovation and are looking at the further possibilities of folding screens.

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