Only 22 percent of the websites meet all requirements

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From May 2021, Google will officially raise the page experience to a ranking factor – and thus also the Google Core Web Vitals. So far, however, only a few websites fully meet the requirements.

Since November at the latest, it has been fixed that Google will make the page experience a ranking factor from May onwards. In order to achieve a corresponding badge and thus a potentially better ranking, websites must meet the requirements for all required values โ€‹โ€‹by then, including the Google Core Web Vitals. But it still looks bleak there. Only 22 percent of the websites currently achieve all of the recommended values.

Page experience: Fulfilling all metrics

The Google Core Web Vitals consist of three individual metrics, the rendering time (Large Contentful Paint / LCP), the time between user activity and browser reaction (First Input Delay / FID) and the visual stability of a website (Cumulative Layout Shift / CLS). Only those websites that meet the requirements in all three metrics have the chance of a page experience badge, such as SEO-Sรผdwest writes.

According to the current Chrome User Experience Report, around 48 percent of the websites are doing well in terms of LCP, with FID even almost 90 percent and with CLS 46 percent. However, only every fifth website meets the requirements in all three metrics. So there is still a lot to do for many website operators if they would benefit from the update. Real user data is used in the Chrome User Experience Report.

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Ranking factor page experience: Further points

In addition to the Google Core Web Vitals, the following points also count for the creation of the page experience ranking factor. On the one hand, the site must be optimized for mobile devices and be secure, i.e. it must not contain any malicious code or phishing content. In addition, the connection must be protected via HTTPS. And there must not be any overly intrusive pop-up elements obscuring the actual content.

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