Online campaign ‘Ik Laad Accuraat’ raises awareness among e-bike users

In 2022, the Netherlands will have nearly 5 million electric bicycles. Not only is the number of e-bikes on the road expected to increase, but the number of fires is also expected to increase. The online campaign ‘Ik Laad Accuraat’ creates awareness among users of electric bicycles and e-scooters. This campaign is mainly about properly charging the battery of your electric two-wheeler.

In this blog you can read the most important tips on how to properly charge your electric two-wheeler.

Tips for correctly and safely charging your battery

Below you can read the 5 most important tips for safely and correctly charging your battery. These tips have been drawn up in consultation with the e-bike industry.

Tip #1: Have an expert look at your battery

There are a number of actions you can take to extend the life of your battery. For example, the electric bicycle requires extra attention in the winter. Unfortunately, we private individuals cannot see everything with the naked eye. It is therefore advisable to have the battery of your electric two-wheeler checked by an expert every year.

Tip #2: Read the manual carefully

When you purchase your electric bicycle, you will receive a manual. Handy, because every brand of battery is different. This manual contains specific tips for your battery. Are there problems with your battery? Always check the supplied manual of your e-bike first. Are you stuck? Then ask an expert for help.

Tip #3 Call the bicycle specialist if you suspect damage to the battery

Have you fallen with your e-bike and has your battery been damaged or deformed? Due to the fall, battery cells in the battery may have shifted. This can cause a short circuit with smoke development or worse, metres-high flames as a result. Always contact the bicycle specialist if you see that your battery is damaged or deformed.

Tip #4: Avoid deep discharge

Your electric bicycle becomes unusable due to a deep discharge of your battery. If this is the case, the lithium ion battery has run down to such an extent that charging is no longer possible. Deep discharge can be avoided in almost all cases. It is advisable to charge your battery at least every three months. Even if you don’t use your battery much.

Tip #5 Charge your battery during the day

An electric bicycle is safe, as long as you are alert to your battery, for example. More and more often fires are caused by incorrectly charging a battery of such a bicycle. Advice is to charge your battery during the day. Preferably in a place where it is stable, free and non-combustible. If something seems to go wrong when charging the battery of your e-bike, you can intervene quickly.

In 2022, three times more electric bicycle batteries will be stolen than last year. This amounts to 4500 pieces. Knowing more?

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