OnePlus V Fold is quite unique in its kind, according to a leak

The OnePlus V Fold has been leaked and on it we see a device that is very unique in appearance. In four renders we see more of the first, foldable OnePlus, which bears remarkably little resemblance to the foldable phones of sister OPPO.

OnePlus V Fold

Where everyone thought it would be a kind of copy of all the foldable phones we have, that turns out not to be the case. OnePlus finally chooses its own way here again. It’s a bit more square, according to the new images, from delicious Steve Hemmerstoffer (@Unleaks). We see, among other things, a black back (which looks like leather) and a large camera island with the well-known Hasselblad logos, because OnePlus has been working with that for some time now.

We see a cover screen that is quite large and has few edges. In addition, its aspect ratio also seems closer to what is now modernly found on foldables: a lot of screen. The screen on the inside is also quite large: there are almost no edges left on the sides. Very nice, although it is hoped that the device will remain sturdy. The renders are also very dark, so it takes a while to shift the brightness to see everything properly. There seem to be two selfie cameras that are visible on the device as a punch hole. In addition, the handy slider button is again present on the thin outer edge and you will also find the on/off button there.

OnePlus V Fold is quite unique in its kind, according to a leak

Foldable OnePlus phone

The hinge is not very visible, but we don’t expect OnePlus to reinvent the wheel here: that scoop probably belongs to Samsung, which will announce its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 next month with a hinge that would be significantly improved. We won’t be surprised if OnePlus chooses to follow sister Oppo when it comes to the hinge.

In terms of specifications, a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 processor is expected, a 4,800 mAh battery and fast charging tech that allows the battery to be charged at 100 Watts. In addition, a 50 MP Sony IMX980 sensor is expected combined with a 32 megapixel camera for the selfies. But we still need to hear it. Hopefully in August, because that’s when the announcement is expected.

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