OnePlus unveils Nord 2 with trippy poster, check it out here

Photo @OnePlus

No sterile press photo, action shot or sexy render, but a trippy poster serves as the first reveal of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G.

After the announcement of the OnePlus Nord 2 at the beginning of this month, the Chinese brand is now showing the upcoming budget topper for the first time. Instead of a flashy render or an abstract scene, OnePlus takes a different approach. We get to see the OnePlus Nord 2 for the first time through the eyes of someone who has had just a little too much LSD.

OnePlus Nord 2 LSD Poster

It’s a complete mystery what the thinking behind OnePlus’ new marketing image is. The brand shared the trippy image of the back of the Nord 2 via Instagram. Around it are some strange figures, with or without crazy attributes on the face. It is unknown who the figures are (or should represent).

It is also provisional to guess on which planet the OnePlus Nord 2 is located on the poster. A combination of Paddocentauri, Tripsilon X21 and 024 D-SL, it looks like. Incidentally, OnePlus is taking the opportunity to promote the upcoming OnePlus Nord 2 5G event in the poster’s description:

Danger. Excitement. And a bunch of Nord 2. Tune in on July 22 for OnePlus Nord: Part Deux, an exciting blockbuster product launch starring the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. 16:00 Dutch time.

Photo via Instagram

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