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OnePlus shows OnePlus 8T Concept with chameleon back

OnePlus has announced a new variant of the OnePlus 8T, one where the glass can change color. We update you about the OnePlus 8T Concept.

OnePlus 8T Concept

Last year OnePlus presented its first concept phone; the OnePlus Concept One. This time it’s the turn of another new phone; the OnePlus 8T Concept. This concept smartphone has many similarities with the OnePlus 8T as we discussed it in the review and as we know it.

The big difference is that this is a concept smartphone. A special feature is the ECMF finish, which stands for Electronic Color, Material and Finish. When the phone receives an electronic signal, this can cause the phone to change color. This in turn depends on the voltage that is passed on.

According to OnePlus, this technology can be an added value for users. Think of lighting up for notifications or when you receive a call. With a movement, the call can then be accepted or rejected, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the special back can also color with every breath. MmWave is used for this. This technology allows the smartphone to function as a breathing monitor.

It is not yet known whether OnePlus will provide a smartphone with this gimmick. It wants through the concept phones which other things can be added to the smartphone.

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