OnePlus: Regret Facebook cooperation for the Nord and OnePlus 8

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says his company should not have partnered with Facebook. He explains the reasoning behind the collaboration at the time and why the collaboration ended with the arrival of the OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus and Facebook

Bloatware apps, or third-party apps pre-installed on smartphones, are sometimes sensitive to users. This is especially the case when they appear on high-end smartphones such as the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. These devices, together with the cheaper Nord, were equipped with Facebook’s social media apps as standard.

“After the initial discussions and the collaboration with Facebook, we understood that there were opportunities for a collaboration,” said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in an interview with Input. We were looking forward to optimizing the apps for our devices and that was the starting point on our side. “

Discuss with the community

The CEO says the company assumed the apps were already very popular with many of its users. That and the fact that the rest of the OxygenOS experience would remain very smooth, he said, was the deciding factor to continue with the collaboration. OnePlus said that it provided added value for the phones with the Facebook apps.

The fact that the apps were eventually removed with the 8T was, according to Pete Lau, the result of negative feedback from the community. As a result, an internal discussion about the issue arose and tempers flared up very high, according to the CEO. Still, the CEO of OnePlus says that his company has learned something from the incident. The Chinese smartphone maker now promises that it will better communicate such plans with its community, and that such ideas will be discussed in advance.

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