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OnePlus Nord N100 still has a smooth 90Hz screen

The affordable OnePlus Nord N100, which has recently been for sale in the Netherlands, still has a smooth 90Hz screen. This is striking, because OnePlus previously reported that the phone has a standard 60Hz display.

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OnePlus Nord N100 has 90Hz screen

The 199 euro-costing OnePlus Nord N100 has a screen with a higher refresh rate of 90Hz, the website writes Android Authority. A special discovery, since OnePlus previously told the website that the N100 has a standard 60Hz screen. Nevertheless, a 90Hz option is present in the screen settings of the smartphone. If you switch it on, the display will be refreshed more often and animations and images will look smoother.

Also on the test device of Android Planet a 90Hz function is available. You switch this on – just like with other OnePlus phones, which also have a smoother screen – via ‘Settings> Screen> Advanced> Refresh rate’. The screenshots below show that a 90Hz option will then appear on the screen.

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