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‘OnePlus is not saying goodbye to the alert slider after all’

This week there was the announcement of the new OnePlus 10T. The new smartphone is the only high-end smartphone on the market without an alert slider. Now there is quite reassuring news from OnePlus.

Alert slider is back

The alert slider is a handy addition from OnePlus to the high-end smartphones. Unfortunately, cheaper devices from the manufacturer are not equipped with it, but with this handy tool you can set the device to sound, vibrate or silent with one movement. In contrast to other smartphones, you do not have to switch on the screen and then adjust the profile via the menu with (quick) settings. However, the OnePlus 10T announced this week does not have this alert slider. It was soon feared that this addition would be discontinued, but OnePlus is now responding.

OnePlus has told colleagues from Android Authority that the brand is not saying goodbye to the alert slider. This means that we will see devices with an alert slider again in the future, although we will not go into further detail about which device will be delivered with an alert slider, but we may only see it again with the OnePlus 11 series. According to the brand, it is not possible to provide every device with such an addition, because it takes up a relatively large amount of space.

There are several rumors about the alert slider. For example, it is reported that only the Pro models will receive the slider and that Oppo and Realme will also receive an alert slider as an addition. That is not very strange; as OnePlus, Realme and Oppo belong to the same parent company.

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Check out our dedicated product page for more news, specifications and prices.

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