OnePlus Band: when is it actually coming?

OnePlus has finally announced when we can expect the Band. It is the brand’s first fitness tracker.

In recent days, more and more information from the OnePlus Band has emerged. This time it is OnePlus itself that has announced new information about the fitness tracker. For example, the Chinese tech giant says that an event is planned for January 11. On this date, the brand will unveil the Band.

OnePlus Band

The new Band from the Asian brand should be the easiest way to get fit. Well, we can’t make much of such marketing talk at the moment. It remains to be seen what exactly OnePlus has done with this product to distinguish itself. After all, the fitness trackers market is quite saturated. You really have to come up with something original to distinguish yourself. Knowing OnePlus will be fine, so it remains to be seen what the tech company comes up with. In the run-up to the unveiling, the new Health application has already been released.

The date was communicated by the OnePlus social media account in India. This suggests that the launch will also take place in this country. As a result, it is unclear whether the Band will be marketed in Europe at all. It will not be the first time that a OnePlus product would not appear with us. The OnePlus TV, for example, was never released here either, but was mainly aimed at India.

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