OnePlus announces another product for launch

OnePlus has an event planned soon and it has now become known what kind of product can be expected from the brand.

March 23 will be circled in the agenda for fans of OnePlus. Then the Chinese tech company announces new things through an event. The fact is that OnePlus is going to present the 9 Series here. That had already been communicated by the brand. Now OnePlus makes it clear that another product will be presented.

OnePlus product launch on March 23

If you’ve been following the rumors a bit lately, you already know what this is going to be. In a teaser, the company is still somewhat mysterious, but there is a good chance that this is a smartwatch. Fans of the brand will have the chance to guess what it is going to be on the OnePlus forum.

In the teaser, OnePlus states that the fans have been waiting for the product for a while. And that this is now being responded to by, in all probability, introducing a smartwatch. What we can expect exactly is to wait a while. Knowing OnePlus, it will be more focused on lifestyle than fitness. March 23 we get the answer. Then OnePlus will announce not one new product, but several products. The 9 Series and a brand new smartwatch.

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