OnePlus 8T Concept: phone with glass that changes color

OnePlus has presented its OnePlus 8T Concept. That is a special edition of the 8 T finished with ‘Electronic Color, Material and Finish’ (ECMF). The back can therefore change color.

OnePlus 8T Concept

Last year, OnePlus launched the Concept One, a phone with a camera that makes its camera lens disappear when not in use. OnePlus has now further refined the technology and the company is now showing that with the OnePlus 8T Concept. The company says this in a press release to our editorial staff.

As with the Concept One, OnePlus uses a special color-changed layer of metal oxide that is incorporated in the glass at the back of the 8T Concept. When the phone receives an electrical signal, the smartphone can take on a different color. The final color then depends on the precise tension, changing from the dark blue shade to a light gray color.


Visualize notifications

OnePlus calls the technology Electronic Color, Material and Finish or ECMF. The company is convinced that it will provide added value for users in various usage scenarios in the future. For example, the back of a smartphone can visualize notifications or incoming calls. then you can accept the call with a gesture before you even touch the phone.


OnePlus also talks about applications in combination with mmWave, which is a technology we know from 5G. A smartphone could function as a respiratory monitor with the color changing color synchronously with each breath.

OnePlus is not the only one working on a phone with glass that changes color, because recently the Chinese Nubia also teased such a device. What do you think? does it seem like a nice gimmick or rather a feature that does bring great added value? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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