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OnePlus 8T Concept is a chameleon of a smartphone

OnePlus today presented its second concept phone in the form of the 8T Concept. This is so special about the smartphone.

In contrast to the previous concept of OnePlus, this 8T Concept is already a bit less special in terms of name. In fact, it’s an 8T with an added gimmick. When you look at the phone, the back stands out in particular. And here is also the trick of this concept.

It is a special panel that can change color. It is incorporated in the housing, so no cover or other nonsense. In that respect it is reminiscent of a chameleon. For example, the pattern can flash for incoming notifications or when you receive a call. Moreover, with mmWave technology, the user’s breath can be registered.

With this smartphone, OnePlus wants to give its creative team the freedom to also design things that cannot be taken into production yet. OnePlus Gaudi is the team responsible for the phone. This is a group of 39 designers, located in Shenzhen (China), Taipei (Taiwan), New York (United States) and India.

You do not have to expect that this OnePlus 8T Concept will eventually end up in the shops.

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