OnePlus 5G smartphone first images: eye-catching camera

The OnePlus 5G smartphone gets a new design. The device has a round protruding part at the back with two cameras.


‘OnePlus 5G smartphone first images’

It could only be that the maker of the photo below has been dismissed. The image will presumably show the newOnePlus 5G device. Pete Lau, the director of the Chinese company, is working on a presentation on which the smartphone can be seen. Another employee has a white variant in hands while a red copy is in the middle of the table.

The photo was posted on Twitter by Ishan Agarwal a tech journalist. It is still unclear whether this is the final design, or an early prototype. It is therefore possible that the final telephone looks different.

Anyway, the supposed 5G device has a unique design compared to previous OnePlus smartphones. At the back is for example a round camera hill that we know from the Motorola Moto G6 Plus . With the OnePlus 6T, the ‘bumper’ is a lot smaller and more minimalistic.

Furthermore, the photo is too vague to read specifications or functions. However, it is an interesting question who has distributed the photo. The image appears to have been created in a small meeting room with only a few attendees. It should therefore be clear to everyone who was present who took the photo.

Or not?

Another possibility is that the device shown is not the 5G smartphone of the Chinese company, but the OnePlus 7. In an earlier interview, Lau indicated that in 2019 two phones will come out. He explicitly indicated that the OnePlus 5G smartphone is not the successor of the OnePlus 6T . However, it is still questionable whether he will be available in the Netherlands. The 5G frequencies in our country still have to be auctioned so you have little internet speed.

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