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This spring, a number of players spent alternating quarantine in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley. They are not alone in finding something internally reassuring on quiet management simulators, and the developers from Aurorian Studios, who come up with their own variation, are probably aware of this.

One Lonely Outpost takes place in space, where you set out as one of the colonizers to establish your own station. You can also build it together with friends, the game should come with a cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players.

It will be your responsibility whether you choose natural or synthetic cultivation in your newly established space town. Cultivation and breeding in harmony with nature requires more effort, but the result is more expensive to sell. Genetically modified crops (and animals) are less demanding, but easier to mutate.

Well, a difficult choice. Also because each of the paths is associated with several unique characters that do not move into your station if you choose the other method. In addition to your real friends, the colony can live twenty people, from mechanics to environmental engineers. You will be able to trade with them and also find new virtual friends among them.

The dilemma will certainly be an opportunity to explore mysterious extraterrestrial ruins, but given the genre, it will certainly be a friendly form of life from the presence of which you will only benefit.

The life simulator at the One Lonely Outpost space colony was financed by fans at the Kickstarter in September this year, where over 123 thousand dollars (over 2.6 million crowns) were raised for it. Aurorian Studios’ debut is due out sometime in the second half of next year, and is currently only on Steam.

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