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on which iPhones can you install the update later?

We are still waiting for iOS 16.4, but in the meantime more and more is becoming clear about iOS 17. On which iPhones can you install iOS 17 soon?

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iOS 17 launches in June

Apple will release iOS 17 this year, the successor to iOS 16. Last year, iOS 16 was a major update that brought all kinds of new functions to your iPhone. The most notable features were the new lock screen, an improved Focus Mode, new messaging features and more.

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iOS 17 may get fewer major new iPhone features than Apple originally planned. The lock screen will probably get some new features again and iOS 17 will reportedly get interactive widgets. But the most important question is: on which iPhones will iOS 17 be installed?

iOS 17 concept

The new iOS 17 update is coming to the iPhones

Apple is known for its years of software updates, but the major updates such as iOS 17 are unfortunately no longer coming to all iPhones. As a result, a few devices are dropped every year when a new version of iOS is released. This has to do with the processors on which the older iPhones run, so new iOS functions are often not possible.

This year it is expected to end for the iPhone 8 and older, these devices will not receive an iOS 17 update. Last year, the iPhone 7 was no longer updated to iOS 16, so a logical next step is now the iPhone 8 (Plus). The iPhone X, like the iPhone 8, was launched in 2017 and runs on the A11 Bionic chip. As a result, it is quite possible that the iPhone X will no longer receive an iOS 17 update.

Curious which iPhones can run on iOS 17? Here are all the iPhones likely to get the iOS 17 update:

Old iPhones will still receive security updates

Old iPhones may not get another major iOS update, but luckily the smartphones still get security updates after that. For example, Apple recently released a new security update for iOS 12. The iPhone 6 still runs on this iOS version and was launched nine years ago. So you don’t have to worry about the security of your iPhone.

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It may be that Apple surprises us this year and updates the iPhone 8 (Plus) and the iPhone X to iOS 17. The iPhone 6s also received the iOS 15 update in 2021. The iPhone 6s was released in 2015, so Apple has been known to keep updating older iPhones for longer than usual. The iPhone 8 also appeared six years ago, so it remains to be seen which iPhones will get iOS 17.

lock screen ios 17 concept

Want to know more about iOS 17?

The new version of iOS is therefore not expected to receive major updates this year due to the launch of Apple Reality. Are you curious which features will come to your iPhone with iOS 17? Check out all the new expected features of iOS 17 here.

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