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On Santa’s Trail – Google Santa Tracker

Needless to say, it’s the excitement in Lapland, Santa’s headquarters. All the children’s letters keep coming. Yes, but… how can we be sure that he will start distributing the toys on time? How do you know when it will show up over the fireplace in the house? What if this old man with the white beard suffered from Alzheimer’s disease

Fortunately, the elves of Santa Claus have developed this application which will allow you to follow his course on December 24. You will be able to monitor his tour of distribution of gifts around the world. The surveillance will begin, beware of him if he decides to stop at the bistro because everyone will know!

It will be possible to follow it on Google Maps Android, Google Maps PC, Google Earth Android and Google Earth PC. The “old” can also be followed on

And to create messages for your loved ones, it happens on

Santa and his elves are therefore back for 2020, with a new game, a revamped village, updates for Android Wear and the ability to follow Santa’s journey on Android TV.

If you prefer to hunt down Santa and have fun with the Norad version (North American Aerospace Defense Command):

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