On holiday with your child: which insurance policies do you need?

travel insurance

The name says it all, with this you, your child (and your belongings) are insured during your holiday or weekend away. The basic cover often offers assistance and cover for extra costs that you have to incur if, for example, you become ill or have an accident: from transport to accommodation costs. Damage to luggage is also often included as standard.

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What exactly is covered by the insurance differs per provider and type of insurance. And of course you can always expand your travel insurance with additional coverage.

Cancellation insurance

A cancellation insurance ensures that you get your money back (in whole or in part) if you are unexpectedly unable to travel. He is often forgotten by many people, but with a child it is wise to take one off – for example if he is not allowed to fly because he has chickenpox or suddenly becomes ill.

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Short-term or continuous insurance?

You can take out short-term or continuous travel insurance and cancellation insurance. Do you go on holiday with your family several times a year? Then the continuous insurance is often the cheapest. If you occasionally go on a short trip, then short-term insurance may be more interesting.

Tip from Independer: do you live together or do you have several children? Then the continuous travel insurance is often cheaper than a short-term insurance that you take out per holiday for ten travel days a year.

Are children automatically insured?

It is good to know that in most cases children are not automatically covered by your travel insurance. If you want to add your child, you must report this to your insurer.

Costs for your child

Children up to the age of 5 are often co-insured for free. With older children you often have to pay extra (with short-term insurance). If you have a continuous insurance policy, older children are in most cases co-insured for free, provided they live with you.

Source: Geld.nl, ANWB & Independer

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