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If you accidentally delete a photo from your smartphone, you don’t have to panic immediately. Because: We explain to you how you can restore deleted photos on the iPhone and Android.

Taking photos with your smartphone is standard these days. But that’s exactly why the media library is bursting at the seams for many people. However, if you try to tidy something up, you will quickly delete a recording that shouldn’t actually end up in the recycle bin.

In the past, the photo would have simply been lost, but modern smartphones offer various ways to recover deleted photos. We’ll show you how to save your photos on iPhone and Android devices rescue can.

Recover Deleted Photos: On iPhone

If you want to recover deleted photo on iPhone, you can click “Albums” tab in Photos app. There you will find the “Recently Deleted” folder.

Your iPhone stores all deleted photos there for 30 days. Now you can simply move selected photos back to your media library via “Restore”.

After 30 days, however, your iPhone will permanently delete the photos contained in the album. Then the images are definitely lost.

How to get back deleted photos on Android

If you’re using an Android device, recovering deleted photos depends on which app you’re using. If you manage your pictures with Google Photos, for example, you can easily retrieve them after deleting them.

To do this, tap on “Gallery” in the navigation bar and then select the recycle bin. Now press and hold the photos you want to get back. Then click on “Restore”. This will bring the recordings back to the place you previously deleted them from.

By the way: If you save your photos via the Google Photos cloud function, they will remain in the recycle bin for 60 days. Locally stored objects remain for 30 days.

However, only as long as the storage capacity of 1.5 gigabytes is not exceeded. If so, the app will delete photos forever. Other gallery apps for Android often include a similar feature.

Recovering permanently deleted photos is almost impossible

In the case of both iPhone and Android, if the photos in the Trash album have expired, it becomes difficult to recover permanently deleted photos.

Third-party providers and external experts sometimes promise help. However, there is no guarantee of success. In addition, it can quickly become very expensive. However, there are some precautions you can take to protect your photos in the first place.

The 3-2-1 Rule: Recover Photos Deleted by Backups

To protect your photos from accidental deletion, you should back up your gallery regularly. So you can restore your pictures even in an emergency.

Whether you want to use cloud storage or an external medium is up to you. However, experts recommend the so-called 3-2-1 rule. Incidentally, this rule can be applied to all data storage.

  • 3. Copies: First you back up your data in threefold form. In addition to the original, you make two copies – in this case of your photos.
  • 2. Media: Now you save the three copies of your data on two different media. If one of the two should be damaged, you always have a backup copy.
  • 1. other place: Finally, to be on the safe side, you also save your backups “out of the office”. You can use a cloud service for this, for example.

That way, even if you accidentally delete your photos or lose them in some other way, you always have the option to recover the lost pictures.

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