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Omie & Cie offers you healthy, fair and sustainable products delivered to your home (Paris region and Lille region), in a radically transparent process. Tomato sauce, olive oil, chocolate, cookies… more than a hundred products are available, co-designed with producers and partners, with respect for people and the planet.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Characteristics :
– Products co-designed with partners (farmers, roasters, etc.) leading to a responsible purchase price, far from the arbitrary negotiations that are too common in the industry.
– For each of its products, Omie tells you everything: their choices, who wins what, partners and plans for tomorrow.
– Supply as close as possible, favoring “made in France” and the short circuit.
– Prices accessible to all.
– Work on 100% traceable channels.
– Fairly remunerated producers and processors.
– Support for producers in the bio-agroecological transition.
– Reduction of packaging.
– Favored deposit system.
– Optimized tours, with natural gas vehicles to limit the carbon impact.

Far from being a simple distributor of good products, Omie is taking concrete action for the agricultural transition. All its partners, in organic farming or agroecology, are committed to a process of progress. With the association “Pour une Agriculture du Vivant”, Omie supports them in the long term, in improving their agricultural practices.

Omie offers you the possibility to take back the power over your food: shop with confidence, consume healthy, fair and sustainable products and discover all the challenges of their manufacture.

Delivery in Ile de France: Paris + 92100, 92110, 92120, 92150, 92170, 92190, 92360, 92200, 92210, 92240, 92250, 92270, 92300, 92310, 92380, 92400, 92600, 92800, 93100, 93170, 93230, 93260, 93310, 93500, 94100, 94210, 94160, 94220, 94300, 94410, 97132.
Delivery to the Lille region: 59000, 59160, 59260, 59777, 59800, 59350, 59370, 59700, 59130, 59520, 59910, 59491, 59493, 59650, 59655, 59110, 59421, 59646

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