Official: Xiaomi Mi 11 comes without charger

Xiaomi comes back to a joke they made earlier and omits the charger with the new Mi 11.

What many were already afraid of does indeed seem to be a new trend. Apple announced with the iPhone 12 that the plug with the charger will no longer be provided. The American tech company has applied this to all of the brand’s products. The fear of some that other companies will follow suit will materialize.

Where Xiaomi reacted with a laugh by saying that the Mi 10 comes with a charger, the charger disappears with the new Mi 11. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has confirmed this on the Chinese Weibo. This makes Xiaomi the first tech company to confirm not to include a charger with a smartphone in addition to Apple. There are rumors from Samsung that the company is doing the same with the Galaxy S21. That information has not yet been confirmed.

The reason Xiaomi gives for omitting the charger is similar to that of Apple. In his explanation, Jun states that people already have enough chargers at home. Also, omitting the charger would make a positive contribution to the environment. It remains to be seen which companies will follow in 2021, but there will undoubtedly be a number more.

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