Oclean rise in the electric toothbrush market

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In recent years, customers have fallen in love with the pioneering Oclean brand, which has impressed not only with innovative technology, but also with its original design and affordable prices.

We all know that the electric toothbrush market has so far been dominated by two giants – Oral-B and Philips. In recent years, however, customers have become popular with the pioneering Oclean brand, which has impressed with innovative technology, professional care, original design and affordable prices. According to online shopping statistics and customer reviews, many Oral-B and Philips electric toothbrush users have switched to Oclean.

The Oclean brand is considered to be a specialist in advanced dental care, which is reflected in the use of innovative technology in product development, providing professional oral health care and improving the customer experience.

The X Pro and X Pro Elite electric toothbrushes are equipped with an eight-point blind spot detection system, so customers don’t have to worry about missing hard-to-reach areas when brushing their teeth. Consistent blind spot detection does not require access to the application either – X Pro can collect and process data, use statistical methods, fusion algorithms and attitude algorithms to help store tooth cleaning results. These are then displayed on the brush’s touch screen, which is made possible exclusively by Oclean technology.

In an effort to improve the toothbrush experience, Oclean has also developed Ultrasonic Noise Reduction Technology, which has ranked first in the electric toothbrush market with the most effective tooth reduction noise reduction. In addition, the 20,000 Hz ultrasonic motor reduces the volume of brushing sounds to 45 db, which can be compared to the volume of a flying mosquito.

Oclean electric toothbrush apps

Progress cannot be said only in connection with the hardware of the Oclean electric toothbrush. The groundbreaking X Pro software can recommend more than 20 professional dental programs to the user, depending on individual routines and oral health. The customer can also choose from hundreds of specially designed teeth cleaning programs. The software algorithm is designed to meet the needs of thousands of people, eliminating customer worries.

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In every detail of the toothbrush, the hard work of designers who are the authors of a practical and minimalist look is sealed. Oclean products have won several awards, including Asia’s most prestigious design award, Good Design, IF Award and Red Dot Award.

With innovative technology, professional oral health care, a quality user experience and affordable prices, Oclean has quickly made its way into the electric toothbrush market. It can be expected to provide further revolutionary ideas for improving this area of ​​healthcare in the future.

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