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Another of the many video game adaptations of the rough world of Warhammer is on the horizon. This time, the inspiration came from a 27-year-old Titan Legions record set in the realities of Warhammer 40,000. In the turn-based strategy Adeptus: Titanicus: Dominus, therefore, you will witness the grandiose battles of the Titans, a kind of fighting moss.

This makes the game remarkably similar to the BattleTech video game, although we can’t help but feel that the creators of Membraine Studios have fallen asleep with the graphics for a while… But as the game doesn’t dazzle, access from the end of May 2018.

It took a while, but the creators are practically done. The game already offers one-off battles and single-player scenarios, but its emphasis so far has been on multiplayer battles. If you prefer single-player campaigns, you will see the full version.

In the story, you play as Princeps Maximus, the leader of the Titans for the Legio Astronum. In a series of missions, you will reflect the forces of Chaos, freeing the Forge World. A large number of new battlefields, new graphic assets and story cutscenes will be added to the full version.

Adeptus Titanicus: In three years, Dominus has collected just over 250 user ratings in a preliminary approach, of which 78% gave a thumbs-up, which – let’s face it – not bad, but it could be better. If you want to give the game a chance in its full version, circle it on the calendar on March 26. However, the price of the game will probably increase, so do not hesitate to pay the current 12.5 euros for early access if you are interested.

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