Nyan Cat sold as a crypto token for almost 495,000 euros

Sell ​​the world famous Nyan Cat as a digital art object. Someone paid nearly 495,000 euros for it.

Nyan Cat, who doesn’t know the funny GIF from 2011? Because of the ten-year anniversary of the online cat, the inventor came up with something unique. He had the Nyan Cat registered as NFT. NFT stands for Non-fungible token. Where a crypto coin is always the same, an NFT can be anything. In this case a digital token representing Nyan Cat.

The unique thing about an NFT is that it is forever fixed in the blockchain. No one can just sell the token without the consent of the owner. Also unique to this concept is that you can earn royalties. Example. An artist puts his artwork in the blockchain. An interested party buys the NFT. Should the owner sell it again after a while, the artist can earn royalties every time the artwork is passed on.

In this case, Nyan Cat was offered at an auction as CTF. The highest bid was 300 ether. Converted to euros at the time of bidding, you will end up with an amount just under 495,000 euros. An enormous amount of money, but time will tell if this is indeed the case. If Ethereum rises, so does the value of the CTF. Moreover, it is also a question of supply and demand. If the buyer ever wants to resell the Nyan Cat token, it could soon be for more or less ether.

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