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Nvidia Shield TV: Android 11 is available with several new features

Nvidia offers today Android 11 (Shield Experience 9.0) for its 2015, 2017 and 2019 Shield TVs. This is quite notable, especially for the 2015 model. Nvidia is a good student when it comes to updates for its multimedia boxes.

Availability of Android 11 for Nvidia Shield TVs

There are some new features on the program with Android 11 on the Nvidia Shield TVs, here they are:

  • September 2021 security update for Android
  • Support for aptX-enabled Bluetooth headsets
  • Option to automatically disconnect Bluetooth audio devices when in standby
  • Option to adapt to the audio resolution of the content (high resolution stream)
  • Gboard keyboard support
  • New power saving setting for advanced power customization
  • Stadia button support with Xbox, PlayStation and Shield controllers
  • Additional bug fixes

Visually speaking, nothing changes. It’s not Nvidia’s fault, however. Indeed, it is Google that has bet little on Android TV/Google TV with version 11. Conversely, version 12 focuses more on improvements, in particular with a 4K user interface. But Android TV 12 is only available on one device so far, namely the ADT-3 which is for developers only. You have to wait to have it on the Shield TV or the multimedia boxes of other manufacturers.

The Android 11 update for the Nvidia Shield TVs is available now for download.

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