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Numerous German stores are on the verge of collapse

It was already to be expected, now GameStop Germany is making it official: numerous branches have to close. There is still no official statement from the company. Can these austerity measures still turn the tide?

GameStop is closing countless German stores

The fact that the American retail chain GameStop is not doing particularly well is no longer a secret. At the end of the year, the public was again given an insight into the company’s current quarterly figures. Back then you had to have one Loss of $94.7 million book (source: GameStop). And this is far from the first time GameStop has been in the red.

There have already been savings measures in the past, now the German market and thus the subsidiary GameStop Deutschland GmbH seems to be affected. how gameseconomy reported over 70 branches in Germany closed. An official statement was not given.

We have also received emails from a total of 4 locations in Berlin within the editorial team March 15, 2023 will close their doors: Rathaus-Center Pankow, Eastgate, Linden-Center and Ring-Center are affected.

This is what the emails sent to customers at the affected GameStop locations look like (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)
To the current GameStop deals in the online shop

GameStop clearance sale as an opportunity for bargain hunters?

The affected GameStop stores are now available a so-called clearance sale until the closure. However, the emails do not refer to specific offers, so potential bargain hunters will have to visit the stores themselves to get an idea of ​​the offers.

GameStop has been in crisis for what feels like an eternity:

It is questionable how many branches will remain in Germany after the closures. Get current 129 locations left maintained by the company (Source: scraphero). GameStop definitely seems to be shifting its focus to the online store to save on staff and location costs. It remains to be seen whether GameStop will get back on a green branch.

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