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number of smartphones sold stands at 6 million

Poco has shared some interesting figures about the brand’s sales. Among other things, we find out how many smartphones have been sold, as well as the number of copies of the Poco F1 sold.

Poco shares numbers

It started as a subsidiary brand of Xiaomi, but Poco is now really on its own two feet. Yet the influence of Xiaomi is quite present. Not infrequently, Xiaomi or Poco devices appear with the same specs and the same design, but under a different name. However, the brand is doing good business. For example, the Poco X3 NFC managed to secure a nice place at our DroidApp Awards for best smartphone of 2020.

In a press release, Poco shared figures on how the brand has scored. In three years, the brand has entered 35 countries. The manufacturer’s first smartphone, the Pocophone F1, has sold 2.2 million times. In total, the number of devices sold stands at 6 million.

This week the brand presented its new extended phone with a friendly price tag; the Poco M3. In the future, the portfolio will undoubtedly be further expanded by the manufacturer.

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