Number for O2, Telekom, Vodafone & ALDI TALK

Depending on which cellular provider you have, there are different numbers to listen to the mailbox. Here on GIGA we have summarized the speed dials and mailbox numbers for O2, Telekom, Vodafone and ALDI TALK (E-Plus) in an overview.

One thing in advance: Listening to the mailbox is always free of charge using the smartphone that includes the digital answering machine. You can also reach your mailbox via another cell phone, landline or abroad. In these cases, however, there may be costs for the connection – check your contract beforehand.

Listen to voicemail: number for messages left

To listen to your mailbox, you need on the phone even just that Speed ​​dial. If you from one other device or from the foreign countries want to access your mobile box, you need it full number as well as yours Mailbox PIN.

providers Speed ​​dial Mailbox number
Telecom 33 11 [Vorwahl] + 13 + [Rufnummer]
Vodafone 55 00 [Vorwahl] + 55 + [Rufnummer]
O2 333 [Vorwahl] + 33 + [Rufnummer] or 0179 30 00 33 3
99 11 [Vorwahl] + 99 + [Rufnummer]

If you have previously changed the provider and your old one Cell phone number taken with you the speed dial may not work. In this case you have to use the full mailbox number. Depending on the mobile operator, you may also have to use the appropriate mailbox code for your area code (and not the one from your current provider):

  • 13 for the area codes: 0151; 0160; 0170; 0171; 0175
  • 55 for the area codes: 0152; 0162; 0172; 0173; 0174
  • 99 for the area codes: 0157; 0163; 0177; 0178
  • 33 for the area codes: 0159; 0176; 0179

If you have the Mailbox from abroad If you want to listen, instead of the first 0 of the area code, you have to use the Country selection for Germany (+49) Enter on the keypad.

Listen to mailboxes from landlines, abroad & from other cell phones

To access your mailbox from another phone or abroad, you must have the complete mailbox number and your mailbox PIN ready. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Dial the full mailbox number with your keypad (e.g. +49 151 13 1234567).
  2. As soon as the greeting of your mailbox sounds, you have to:
    • at Telekom & E-Plus: Asterisk button
    • Press and enter the four-digit O2
    • : Asterisk key Press, enter the four-digit PIN and confirm with the hash key (#).
  3. at Vodafone:

Enter a four- to six-digit PIN.

You should now be able to use the mailbox menu as usual and listen to your messages.Logo quiz: do you recognize the smartphone app by the icon alone?You don’t want to miss any news about technology, games and pop culture? No current tests and guides? Then follow us on Facebook (
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