Nude authorized on YouTube: 3 channels to discover guaranteed without textiles

Finding naked people on the Internet is not very complicated. Just turn off the “Safe search” filter, type “naked” into a search engine, and the realm of nudity opens its doors. So, who says “naked” can of course mean “porn”, but, we almost forget, the term encompasses many other subjects. And if Youtube, property of Google and therefore governed by strict rules, effectively prohibits any idea of ​​pornography on its streamed antenna, it can also allow it if the subject justifies it. However, you will need to be over 18 years old to access it, and therefore have an account Gmail connected with his profile to justify his age. Still salute the great intellectual gap of YouTube which hunts for the slightest bit of pixelated nipple on the videos of the Attic player (he explains everything here) and who does not lift a finger for “educational” videos like naked yoga which we had recently told you about with passion.

To continue our launch, we advise you today three uninhibited accounts of clothing..

The Nude Blogger: accepting your body with serenity

Jessa O’Brien is a nude yoga teacher (yes yes, this naked yoga is really a “trick”). She is too naturist and try to be the most balanced person there is. This is why she has been a vegetarian since 2015 and thinks a lot, even if she puts this last character trait on the fact that she is of the sign of the virgin. The Australian wants to be above all the defender of body positive. She wants to show that you have to accept yourself as you are and shows it in the videos on her channel The Nude Blogger, with more than 132,000 subscribers. She explains to us that there is no shame in having whatever body we have and that there is nothing vulgar in nudity. In her videos, we see her in Eve cooking, walking in nudist places and above all showing that she is free and without taboos. Since she smiles a lot, you have to believe that she is very happy and that following her advice can help some people to accept themselves.

@The Nude Blogger

A Naturist Family: everything, you will know everything about naturism

Naturism, for those who are not part of the movement, it is a bit obscure. This is why the account A Naturist Family decided to lift the veil on practice in full transparency. Anna and her husband Steve are Americans and naturists. Aware that this way of life is not well documented in detail, they keep a video blog on Youtube on which they share their knowledge, their tips and show their daily life as naturists. They want to democratize the practice while dismantling the misconceptions that circulate on it.

Roustan: dedicated to bodypainting

Paul Roustan (nothing to do with Didier, therefore) is a body painter and Los Angeles-based photographer. Recognized as one of the best in the world in his discipline, he shares his work on his account Roustan on which we can follow in video the different stages of his creations on models most of the time completely naked. His style combines traditional arts and pop culture with a touch of reflection on the contemporary world. The artist is followed by more than 113,000 people and his work has appeared in numerous media, from Chicago Sun-Times Passing by The New York Post, GQ, Playboy, Where Maxim. Here, it’s not “educational”, but it’s art so that’s fine.


Bonus: The Naked Gardening Day

Every year, the first Saturday in May is Naked Gardening Day. So it is fashionable on this day to do some gardening in the naked sun like a worm. You will therefore find on this occasion on Youtube, on multiple accounts, videos of people turning the earth and planting seeds in the simplest device.

We are truly living in a great and beautiful time.

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