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India’s roguelike hit Dead Cells from 2017 found a large number of fans from the ranks of players and critics, and we were curious what else its developers would prepare for us. Head of Development S├ębastien Benard founded the new Deepnight Games studio and boasted of his new project, which will soon be on our screens.

It is called Nuclear Blaze, but despite its name, we will not bomb anyone with nuclear weapons. On the contrary, the game puts you in the role of a firefighter, who must solve a fire in a mysterious military base. Nuclear Blaze will be a 2D action adventure in which you will have to use your fire hose wisely and economically, deal with explosives, use the complex’s fire system and rescue lost survivors, including kittens.

An interesting bonus will be the presence of the so-called Kid regime, as Benard states that he wanted to make a game that his three-year-old son could play. The special mode thus offers simplified levels and game principles.

The overall aesthetics of the game definitely resembles Dead Cells. If Nuclear Blaze can get closer to their popularity, we will find out on October 18, when the game will arrive on Steam. There is no mention of other platforms yet.

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