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Nubia is also preparing a phone that changes the transparency of the back. And we are waiting for the next one

Nubia, a subsidiary and brand of the Chinese ZTE, lured fans with a new video on a very remarkable phone, which we could see in full beauty next year. It does not officially have a name yet, but in theory it should be the successor to the game model RedMagic 5S. His biggest draw so far is ability to toggle back cover transparency. foreign servers talk about color change, however it is “only” an electrochromatic change of transparency. Probably as OnePlus has already shown in Concept One. At the same time, Nubia does not seem to be the only one who is preparing a phone with switching back transparency.

Awesome !!! Nubia Red Magic 6 one-key Color Change Function

It is probably not surprising that mainly Chinese companies are “playing” with this technological tweak. In addition to the mentioned companies Nubia and OnePlus, the phone with switching back transparency also expects from Oppo or Vivo. The former has already shown technology. It gives the impression of a change in the color of the back from blue and silver and back, but most likely it will be just about again clever trick with transparency.

What is electrochromic glass?

The technology is almost ten years old, formerly intended for darkening house windows. The special glass material has the ability to become opaque or change colors when an electric current passes through it

How do you like this design gimmick?

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