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Now you can save even more

Now you can save even more

If you want to buy a new Tesla, then you are currently in the fortunate position of saving a lot of money. Tesla has not only lowered the price of electric cars, but also made financing much cheaper. If you invest the money in the meantime, you might even make some profit.

Tesla cuts prices again

Tesla recently slashed the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y. Since then, many who have previously hesitated have considered buying a Tesla. If you don’t want to pay all the money at once, you can finance it. And that’s exactly where Tesla just cut prices. Become for the balloon loan only 1.99 percent effective annual interest due. In my example here with a deposit of 10,000 euros over 36 months:

Tesla cut interest rates to 1.99 percent. (Image source: GIGA)

Anyone who recently ordered a Tesla through financing would actually have to pay 4.6 percent. But there is a solution for that too. in the Tesla Drivers and Friends Forum it is reported that if the car has not yet been delivered, you can call Santander Consumer Bank AG and have the interest rate on the financing reduced. If that doesn’t work, you can still cancel and order with the new conditions.

If you invest the money that is not paid immediately, for example at Trade Republic, where you currently get 2 percent interest (look at Trade Republic), then you can even make a mini profit. With fixed deposits there is even more to it. If interest rates rise in the next few months, which is likely to happen, you could benefit even more. Your rate remains the same through the contract.

Things don’t always run smoothly at Tesla either:

Tesla really wants to sell electric cars

But why is Tesla doing this now after the price reduction? The offer basically gives it away itself. Only if you until March 11th If you complete the financing at 1.99 percent or the leasing at 0.99 percent and at the same time the car is delivered by March 31st, you get the reduced price. Tesla is currently sitting on many unsold e-cars and is continuing to produce. The targets for the registration numbers of the 1st quarter are to be met, so that Tesla has to create further incentives.

Peter Hryciuk

I personally am not a fan of financing, prefer to save the money and pay directly. But the current financing from Tesla, the high inflation and the interest you can get on call money make this offer really attractive. But then you have to be disciplined and not touch the money, because you have to pay for the Tesla in the end.

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