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now in the Windows Microsoft Store (but not for you)

now in the Windows Microsoft Store (but not for you)

Windows users have been waiting for it for some time: an official app for Apple Music. Now it seems to really happen, but there is a problem.

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Official app for Apple Music in Microsoft Store of Windows

Recently, an official app for Apple Music has finally appeared in the Microsoft Store of Windows (11). Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for everyone to install at this time. When you search the store yourself, you can sometimes not even find the app. But with the links below you can at least view the new apps.

More than just Apple Music in Microsoft Store of Windows

As you can see, other Apple programs have appeared in addition to the Apple Music app. There is now also an app for the Apple TV app and one for Apple Devices. With the Apple TV app, there is now finally a real app in the Microsoft Store to view the content of Apple TV Plus.

The Apple Devices app seems to be partially taking over from the iTunes app, which allows you to manage your Apple devices in Windows. The description states when you install the Apple Devices app that iTunes no longer works in Windows. At least not until an iTunes version with support for the new app is available.

Previews only

All apps are currently previews. This means that they are not immediately available and they are still subject to change. It seems that only US accounts can install the apps at the moment. The Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps are likely to be available to everyone in the Windows Store soon.

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