Now Elon Musk is even building his own city

It’s no big secret that Elon Musk is an eccentric. But his latest idea is likely to be interpreted as megalomania. The Tesla boss wants to build his own town called Snailbrook in the US state of Texas.

Elon Musk is almost certainly not a quick settler. Nor is he one of those people who embrace the status quo.

In other words, Elon Musk is an eccentric with world-changing ideas. And some of them – you have to be honest – he did implement them.

Elon Musk’s ideas change our lives

Not resigned to the fact that our cars are powered by fossil fuels, he has created one of the largest electric car manufacturers in the world, Tesla. In doing so, he forced an entire industry to adapt to the new circumstances.

To heaven and beyond

And even the much-quoted saying “The Sky is the Limit” seems to have been more of a challenge for Elon Musk. With his aerospace company SpaceX, he is also setting new standards in space and driving innovation, even if he produces an incredible amount of space junk in the process.

Snailbrook: Now Elon Musk wants to build his own city

If a person told you they wanted to build their own city, you would probably call him or her crazy. However, if Elon Musk makes such a statement, there is at least a reasonable chance that this idea will become reality.

This is exactly what seems to be happening now. Elon Musk’s city is said to be called Snailbrook (in German: snail creek) and is to be built in the US state of Texas. For example, reports this Wall Street Journal.

Around 100,000 people live in Bastrop County, which was founded in 1836. However, the majority of the area consists of fields, areas and steppe – i.e. building land.

14 square kilometers in Texas: This is what Elon Musk’s city should look like

Choosing Bastrop County as the location for his own town of Snailbrook seems no accident. Musk and the head of the Boring Company Steve Davis, which also belongs to the Musk empire, have bought 3,500 acres of land in recent years.

On the equivalent of 14 square kilometers in Texas, facilities and buildings for the tunneling company “The Boring Company” and the aerospace company SpaceX are currently being built.

But it shouldn’t stop there. In the area directly on the Colorado River, Elon Musk, his friends and confidants also want to build a small town. On a first sketch, among other things Twitter circulating, 110 residential buildings have already been marked.

Snailbrook: 201 residents to be incorporated as a community

The authorities in Texas have not yet received any explicit applications for the construction of a new city. So the almost utopian idea of ​​a city connected to Elon Musk’s workplaces and factories via underground systems is not yet an official matter.

Nevertheless, it is of interest for the planning of Snailbrook to take a look at the Texas statute books. Accordingly, at least 201 people must live together in a small town in order to theoretically officially apply for registration with the district court.

Musk wants to buy more land

Meanwhile, landowners from the affected Bastrop County are reporting that Elon Musk is apparently already in talks to purchase new land. According to reports, another 6,000 acres are to be added to the existing 3,500 acres.

The coming months and years will only tell whether Elon Musk will realize the dream of his own town of Snailbrook or whether it will be one of his unrealized projects.

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