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On the tablet market, there are signs of new competition for Apple’s iPad. With Oppo, a real heavyweight wants to enter the market. Tablets with Android as the operating system could be about to make a comeback. What is Oppo up to?

Oppo tablet: new competition for the iPad

Every now and then there have been rumors lately that the Chinese manufacturer Oppo is in the Enter the market for tablets could. Now to report Chinese media that Oppo is already in talks with suppliers. However, real details have not yet emerged. One thing is certain, the Oppo Android as the operating system want to put.

Oppos’s entry is likely to be new Wind in the dormant tablet market which is dominated by Apple’s iPads. Oppo is not just any manufacturer, but has recently become the Chinese number 1 in terms of smartphone sales. It is very possible that Oppo will be there lots of money for production and marketing a tablet will jump.

Since it is one of Opo’s declared goals, also one of the most popular manufacturers in Europe It can be assumed that the as yet nameless tablet will be released in this country.

Tablets: Apple’s power continues unabated

Of the The tablet market is clearly determined by Apple. The group can boast a global market share of around 56 percent refer. Samsung is far behind with 25 percent.

You should pay attention to this when you buy a tablet:

Besides Huawei, Samsung is the only manufacturer that still uses Android as the operating system for tablets. This is another reason why Oppos’s entry is so interesting. Should Oppo manage to maintain market share for themselves, then Samsung and Huawei will also be forced to to offer innovative products. However, it is doubtful whether Huawei will remain in the race due to the US sanctions.

If Oppo is really serious, then Maybe Google will also think about itto invest time again in developing and customizing Android for tablets. In mid-2019 it was announced that Google no new tablets with Android want to publish more.

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