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Nothing Phone 1 with cool lights at the back

Nothing will be launching its first smartphone next month, you couldn’t have missed that news. We now see the Nothing Phone 1 in a cool video, where we literally get to see more of the device.

Nothing Phone 1 in the picture

A new video from YouTuber MKBHD has the Nothing Phone 1 in the lead. The latest smartphone can be seen in a hands-on, where we get to see some interesting things about the device. Marques, the creator of the video, shows the device from different sides. We also see the transparent housing of the device, with which something special is going on. The smartphone manufacturer has made a playful addition to the Nothing Phone 1.

Several LED lights are placed under the glass. These are located in the wireless charging coil, around the cameras and in various places on the device. These can light up with new notifications, but also with other notifications and incoming calls. The lighting of the lights corresponds to the ringtone. Nothing speaks about the Glyph interface, which also offers various options. For example, there must be something like Google Assistant integration and it also seems possible to switch off the lights, for example when you are in bed.

The design of the Nothing Phone 1 itself is very reminiscent of that of the iPhone. Still, the transparent back brings something refreshing. You can watch the entire MKBHD video below. In any case, it becomes something if you like to protect your phone with a case, if you want to be able to use the lights.

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