Not quite flat, but quite expensive

Googles has its first folding smartphone at the start – and we’ve already had a look at it. We have summarized a first impression for you in our hands-on.

The two displays of the Pixel Fold

We’ve known about the smartphone’s appearance since the Google I/O in May: The Pixel Fold follows a design that we’ve already seen in other foldables, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – albeit a little shorter and wider Format.

On the outside you see a rather “normal” cover display: It offers a 5.8 inches measuring in the diagonal OLED panel, Refresh rates up to 120 Hz. With a resolution of 2,092 × 1,080, it is a bit wider than we are used to from smartphone displays. With 1,200 nits maximum surface and 1,550 nits peak brightness, the screen remains viewable even in bright daylight.

Shot of the Pixel Fold with the front display turned up bright.
This display shines: The external display of the Pixel Fold can reach up to 1,450 nits (Image source: GIGA)

It comes unfolded 7.6 inch OLED display comes to light, which offers a resolution of 2,208 × 1,804 pixels and with 1,000 nits maximum brightness (1,450 nits peak) can also be used in the best sunshine.

A first look at the camera

The first photos we took with the Pixel Fold immediately reveal that it is a typical pixel acts. The motifs are consistently well captured. The colors are less gaudy than those of other manufacturers, rather closer to reality. This can be summarized with the “usual pixel quality” and we have already noticed this in comparison tests with other current pixel models.

Next to the 48 MP main camera and the 10.8 MP ultra wide angle puts the Pixel Fold on one 10.8 MP telephoto camera with 5x magnification.

Close-up of the Pixel Fold's rear camera.
The Pixel Fold’s camera is nominally slightly weaker than that of the Pixel 7 Pro. A test has yet to show how strong the effect is. (Image source: GIGA)

However, a “mistake” made by the competition was not repeated. One 9.5 MP front camera is located at Punch hole in the external display, the 8 MP selfie camera from the large display is located as part of and not under the display like Samsung. That had still caused some losses in quality. However, the best selfies are taken with the rear camera anyway – via a special button in the camera app, the viewfinder can also be shown on the cover display when it is open.

Pixel Fold pricing and availability

Just like for other foldables, potential customers can also dig deep into their pockets for the Pixel Fold from Google: the version with 256 GB of internal memory costs 1,899 euros, for 512 GB it can be 2,019 euros, both versions have 12 GB RAM available. The smartphone is available in two color variants: Porcelain (white) and Obsidian (black).
Pre-order in the Google Store get a Pixel Watch on top of that by July 2nd. It will then be delivered from the end of August.

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