Not Mother’s Day but ‘I love you’ day for more and more childcare organizations and schools

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A bunch of flowers, homemade drawings and breakfast in bed. That’s what many moms get on Mother’s Day. A day on which they are put in the spotlight and receive extra love. Because not every child has a mother (anymore), various childcare organizations and schools are switching to a parent or ‘I think you love’ day.

For example, Ska Childcare offers care to children from many different family types, which means that not every child has a father and a mother. ‘That is why we choose to do more justice here to the diversity in the growing up situations of all children’, the organization writes to parents and carers. Instead of celebrating Mother’s Day on May 14 and Father’s Day on June 18, the organization opts for ‘I love you days’. “With these days they want to focus on the sweetest people in the life of the child,” the shelter said.

In addition to Ska Kinderopvang, primary school De Egelantier in Almere also opts for an ‘I love you day’. The Beatrix School in Nieuwgein is celebrating a ‘From me to you day’.

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Generation after generation

Ineke Strouken is a tradition expert and says that days like Mother’s Day move with the times. That, she says, is quite normal. “Traditions are by definition dynamic,” she explains. “It is a culture that is passed down from generation to generation. And it is viewed and celebrated again from every generation.”

A few times a year

Strouken explains that we no longer think in terms of only men and women. She says: “The division of roles has not completely disappeared, but it has changed a lot.” According to her, when it comes to Mother’s Day, we should go back to the core. “That you show the people who have done or do a lot for you once a year that you appreciate it.” The tradition expert would rather talk about an ‘I love you day’. “The ‘I love you day’ can also be for the neighbor. I love you gets even closer to the heart of Mother’s Day, I think.”

Source: RTL News

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