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NordPass: -33% for NordVPN’s password manager

The NordVPN teams have designed software that allows its users to manage their passwords securely. Instead of leaving your sesames lying around on pieces of paper, trusting your browser or choosing the same password for all your accounts, NordPass will centralize everything: old and future passwords. All you have to do is import the old identifiers from your browser automatically. During your future registrations to a particular site, NordPass will generate strong passwords mixing capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

All passwords will be encrypted with the XChaCha20 algorithm which uses 256-bit keys: a recent and very powerful encryption. Afraid that NordPass will be hacked? Impossible since the whole system is based on end-to-end encryption. Everything is encrypted locally on your machine, you have the key to the safe, but it is housed in the NordPass servers!

With the browser extension, you can also automatically fill in form fields, directly generate a new password and even remember your credit card number. Of course, NordPass is cross-platform. One account allows you to install NordPass on 6 devices, whether
macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

NordPass allows you to import your old passwords from your browsers, but also to sift them…

The art of choosing a strong password

First, don’t think you’re safe from hacking or identity theft. Any information can have value and that is without taking into account the simple will to harm. Attention also to users of PayPal, eBay, Google AdSense, online banking or webmasters and YouTubers who put all their energy into their site/blog/channel and who will only have their eyes to cry in the event of account theft. To avoid nervous breakdown or bankruptcy, do not use the same password for several email accounts or several services.

Never take a password that means something (or that is in a dictionary): alternate capitals, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Sesame like 123456, azerty, password, ninjas or even meluche2022 are no match for modern password cracking software… Count less than a second to Bubu75 and a few hours PSGenForcedu93.

NordPass at -33% or -50% with NordVPN

NordPass is on sale right now with a discount of -33% for the two-year plan, i.e. €1.99/month. This exceptional promo is available by going to the offers page. If you just want to test the service, you can get your money back within 30 days! Note that NordVPN is also on sale on its 2-year plan. The “Advanced” offer at -50% is offered at €5.19/month with NordPass and a vulnerability scanner included!

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