Nokia comes with a new announcement on December 15th: we can expect this

A new press conference is planned from Nokia. HMD Global will show one or more new products here. What exactly can we expect during this announcement?

Nokia presentation on December 15

There seems to be a press conference from HMD Global this year. Next week, on December 15, we will see one or more new products from the originally Finnish manufacturer. The brand does not yet say exactly what to expect, but a number of indications have appeared in recent times.

From a preview it becomes clear that HMD Global will at least come with a new Android Go smartphone. Such devices are equipped with less powerful hardware and Android has been adapted to that. It is not known whether Nokia will provide the device with Android 11 Go right away, but that would be the most obvious. It is not known whether this is the Nokia 1.4.

Other news has been around for a while about the Nokia 5.4. It is unclear whether we will see it on December 15, but so much is already known about the device that this opportunity is certainly present. On Thursday we wrote about many leaked specifications of the device. There are also rumors about the Nokia 9.3 PureView, but we don’t expect it to be shown yet, but you can never be sure. As soon as we have more information, we will of course keep you informed. At the moment there are no images of the new Android Go device.

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