The startup Sleeperoo was able to convince investors of its unusual concept in the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Now the company from Hamburg has filed for bankruptcy with its sleeping cubes. It may still continue.


Sleep cube startup Sleeperoo is insolvent

The startup Sleeperoo, founded by Karen Löhnert in 2017, has filed for bankruptcy. According to the head of the company, the bankruptcy had to be filed “as a precaution” because it was a “short-term” funding gap came. 17 employees are affected by the company’s insolvency.

The end of the sleeping cube should not mean bankruptcy. Together with the insolvency administrator, the lawyer Finn Peters now looking for a new investor. This should give Sleeperoo a lot of help before March 15th, if possible, in order to be able to secure bookings and locations in the upcoming season (source: Hamburg evening paper).

Sleeperoo and the founder Löhnert were mainly created by a Appearance in the investor show “The Lion’s Den” known nationwide. The investor Dagmar Wöhrl was convinced of the concept and arranged a 250,000 euro deal. The collaboration did not last long, however, as they parted ways just a year later. Other investors stepped in.

The deals on “The Lion’s Den” don’t always go as planned:

Sleeperoo: adventure overnight stay from 130 euros

Sleeperoo’s concept is experience overnight stays. For this purpose, sleeping cubes were designed, which come to 12 cubic meters and were set up at various locations in Germany. They can be found outside or inside buildings depending on the season. An overnight stay costs from 130 euros for up to three people. If Sleeperoo continues, customers will have 75 sleeping cubes available this summer.

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