‘No, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will get a powerful fast charger’

A new rumor has it that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 will miss its major fast charging upgrade. A 25 watt charger is already certified. Earlier there was talk of a 65 watt fast charger. We discuss what we have heard in the corridors.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Now that we are moving forward in the fall, more information is emerging about the upcoming Galaxy S22. We were already shown renders and an image of a dummy. In addition, we know that the launch may have been delayed due to delays with the Galaxy S21 FE.

One topic that has been discussed more and more in recent days is fast charging. According to one source, the Galaxy S22 would get a 45-watt charger and others talk about a 65-watt fast charger. In any case, the latest data coming from Chinese regulators is putting a damper on the celebrations. All S22 phones are certified with 25 watts of fast charging, which is the same power we’ve come to expect from the S21 phones.

Leaked renders of the Galaxy S22 Plus

Why faster charging is still coming

However, that certification in China does not mean that the devices will not receive any improvement at all for fast charging. It happens more often that smartphones with a standard charger appear at regulators, and that they also support a more powerful charging accessory. That’s what Sammobile says.

It seems very likely that Samsung will come up with improvements for fast charging next year. This summer, Androidworld already heard in the corridors that Samsung soon has more plans with fast charging. The brand is aware that most of its competitors are doing better in this area, so it is catching up. Whether that happens with a 45-watt charger or a 65-watt one remains to be seen. In any case, it is no longer justifiable that a phone that costs more than 1,000 euros can only charge with a power of 15 watts. You could read that recently in our review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Since Samsung no longer supplies chargers with its phones with the S21 series, users have to purchase one separately. We think it’s quite possible that Samsung will give its users the choice between a cheaper 25-watt fast charger and a more powerful one.

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Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

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