“No one knows and it keeps my marriage good”

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If you and your partner have quite different libidos, there are several options to keep your relationship peaceful and peaceful. Whether in consultation or secretly.

Clarice (44), mother of Axel (14), James (10) and Maxime (7):

“I sometimes joke that my husband Alex and I have done it three times in fifteen years of marriage: the very times we got pregnant. Fortunately, it’s not that bad, but the fact is that we only do it sparingly. Alex naturally has a low libido. He is tired, has to get up early, is not in the mood, is busy at work or under stress. There is always something.

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I would love to have sex two or three times a week myself, but I can’t persuade Alex to go more than once a month. In order not to get seriously frustrated, I masturbate a lot and occasionally have sex with someone who is also lacking something at home. I’ve created an account on a dating site for cheaters and meet up with a date every few weeks, right during school hours. No one knows and it keeps my marriage good.”

Clarice isn’t the only one who occasionally slips up. For example, Sharon had sex with her brother-in-law who had a crush on her for years, Floor was looking for more experience in bed with her colleague and Mirthe decided it was time for more research, which led her to an online sex chat. Now she’s on the phone every week for sex with her virtual lover.

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