No more money for reels? Meta slows down bonus program Reels Play

The Reels Play bonus program was primarily intended to get creators on Facebook to push the new Reels format with their content. But now Meta turns off the lucrative bonus program for Content-Crestor.

A good year ago, Facebook also introduced the short video format Reels in Germany. After the group had been very busy cloning formats from Snapchat in recent years, this time it was the turn of the function known from its main competitor TikTok. The short video format has also been available on Facebook’s sister platform Instagram for several years.

In order to quickly boost the spread of Reels, Meta introduced the Reels Play bonus program at the end of 2021. This should allow creators to earn up to $35,000 per month.

But this bonus program has now had its day. Then How Business Insider reportedhas “paused” Meta Reels Play for Facebook and Instagram.

What does Reels Play mean for creators?

In July 2021, Meta announced, around one billion US dollars wanting to invest in content creators. The Reels Play bonus program should also be a part of this investment.

The US group introduced the bonus program for creators on Instagram and Facebook in December 2021. Participants could earn up to 35,000 US dollars a month with their reels.

For the classification in the program, Meta used the views of the respective reels, among other things. But other metrics were also crucial for this monetization function.

Has the bonus program had its day?

Business Insider there is a statement from Meta that talks about a further development of the bonus program. It also states that the US company “will no longer be renewing new and renewed Reels Play deals for creators on Facebook and for US creators on Instagram at this time”.

However, the company wants to continue offering bonuses for creators. This is intended to be done in a more “targeted” way, for example when reels enter a new market.

What do creators have to prepare for now?

According to the report of Business Insider Meta now wants to phase out payments for Reels Play. At the same time, the US group wants to expand advertising in the reels sector.

Facebook boss Tom Alison had already announced the expansion of advertising at Reels at the beginning of the week. “We will continue to expand our testing for advertising on Facebook Reels,” says his blog post. This should give content creators the opportunity to get more advertising revenue for their reels.

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